I was determined to figure out how they run slavery so my daughters and I could not be taken as many strange occurances started happening in the summer of 2008, I started doing readings on my angel board in 2005 and in 2007 it spelled Voyerism which means a peeping tom, in 2007 my mothers rings were taken and in Fall 2008 our cats went missing from our house, stalkers came and zoomed around on our street and followed me as I drove my daughters to School and they parked in front of our house for hours, my angel board readings told me we were sold to international slavery and they were doing this my brain washing then if everybody lies and I tell the truth it looks like I lied but i am never allowed to be questioned nor are my daughters as we are the victims and stings were investigating the Evans mom and my angel board reading said the Evans Mom is your enemy and file a lost report and rescue Reta shes raping her and filming it from the attic and whos a boy named Evan? I thought and realized its Mrs Evans and Japan calls her the devil Evans mother and her sons of satanic sex cospiracy of liars. In 2009 DCFS came to our door and asked me is this the bathroom where you pray and meditate? and who does your house cleaning? a maid usually I said and they threw Welfare papers at me in our million dollar house and knew my car engine had blown out , my ex owes me over one hundred grand in back child support I said and the DCFS case worker said I can’t help you with money and I provided family therapy release forms right away and offered them my one hundred page proof file that I paid for my kids alone and am sober in AA since 1985 and I am a great mom and my child support stopped a month before they came and the loan crisis affected my Realtor Listings and sales as it did to the rest of the Realtors in the world and I knew something fishy was going on and realized between DCFS coming to the best moms house and stalkers and my psychic readings and my dream of a 911 emergency happening to my kids, I said OMG! they human sex traffick at the Department of Child Family Protective Services where else would you look for a kid? and men must be lying about me to get my daughters custody as they are beautiful and I do no wrong who else would lie about me? but pevert sex slave rings who adopt and then the girls are not reported missing and I realized this in 2009 Spring and continued devoting my heart and soul to crackin the case of internationally run slavery by doing pscyhic readings and I became a medium and then telepathic and I have done this since the summer of 2008 so my daughters are not taken by secret force of goverment agencies, so they are not shoot up with drugs by secret warrants, brain damaged or murdered by secret medical warrants to put mickys in food and drinks and so they are not raped and murdered, so they are not set up to be taken by fraud Police Sheriffs hand cufffing as they take them to stings who say I must question that awful family here is their file and a thousand people make it up many different ones to sell a person to slavery to take them secretly through the systemm by actors in wardrobe, edited survelence, edited looped bugging from their underwear, ispy in smoke alarms, showers, toliets, bedrooms, and they lie its not the moms boyfriend as they do peeping tom to rape them and sell them to men, they lie its sex partner and say free sex with the used up crack whore worhtless peices of crap retarded family and its a straight A and B virgin Balleina they sell with edited ispyware and a copy pasted report card they dub peeping tom with actors screaming and lie virgins have sex and lie AA sober long timers party and make fake reports and put molecules in them to make them sway with magnets and cast them in snuff movies by a hundred serial killers under LA county on screens planning it out and ordering boob jobs, cheek bones, lobe off to remove part of the brain so they look wasted and stupid with an open mouth look to Johns they sell them to traffick them around the world and they do it by lying moms are sex addicts and the moms dont hear the lies and my readings say they tell that lie about me, and I had no sex for a decade, almost 10 years and have only been with my then boyfriend and hes the only one in 14 years and they lie AA sober people need rehab boot camp and steal title to their homes, take their mail and income, pets so they have nothing left so they take them away without a trace and by a fake name and fake IDS from the Hall of Records, name and age changes, fake adoption papers, not needed fake surgerys reports by a thousand organized crime stings who murder for a living and say its exchange of a worthless person to another country and its as dead body to rape them all over the world and they dress them in smuggle outfits after they are helplessly taken like an animal tied down against their wills and shot up and hair dyed and changed and traffick them internationally or snuff them right away.


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